Monday, May 11, 2009

Our New Addition

Woohoo! We got a new car! and I love it! Our car search started early Saturday morning. Throughout the day we traveled to Orem, Taylorsville, Salt Lake, Draper, Bountiful, Centerville, back to Draper, then back to Salt Lake, back to Bountiful, then back to Salt Lake again.

We looked at a few Proteges (I still love Tyler's blue car he had when we first started dating), a Jetta, a Camry (which we were close to buying but I'm glad we passed it by), and our last find was this Jeep. We had pin-pointed it on KSL a few days ago and tried to call the owner a few times during the day. When we finally saw it and test drove it we were stoked and decided to get it!

We then had an adventure trying to get the cash for it since we weren't smart enough to withdraw the money before my bank closed. So several transactions later we had the cash but by then the owner of the Jeep had taken off to the Eagle's concert. So we went back later that night to Salt Lake to complete the transaction. They got back later than planned and we actually ended up buying the Jeep two minutes after midnight. What a long, draining day! But it was worth it.

We love our new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's very powerful and clean and so fun to drive. It's going to be great in the snow and I hope it will be a lot more reliable than our little truck has been for us. I'm usually not a real big fan of red, especially bright red, but I think it's fitting for this Jeep. We have yet to name this car, so if you have any good ideas pass them along!

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The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

What a great car. Congratulations. It's always so fun to get a new car. Those are good cars to. My aunt (dad's sister Sheri) has one and she absolutely loves it.