Monday, August 16, 2010

I love a boy named Tyler

I love a boy named Tyler. I was smitten right from the start. When my brother introduced us at church that one day in May, I couldn't believe I was talking to a boy who was just that cute. He was too tall, too handsome, and too charming for me. But for some reason he found interest in me.

As we started dating I couldn't believe he just kept getting better. I kept thinking he would just stop calling me one day or just lose interest. He was just too cute for me, there was no way it was going to work. I kept falling for him, and luckily he kept falling for me.

We had the summer of a life time that year we met. Everyday was either filled with fun dates, or just hanging out doing a puzzle together or talking after he got off work when he couldn't be together.

Then Fall came and I came back to Logan to go back to school. His dad wondered what he would do and how we would make it work being so far apart. I didn't know for sure, but I did know that if we liked each other enough it would work out. And luckily it sure did.

We got married 14 months after we met. I look back on us when we were dating and it seems so different now. We were each such different people, and we were different together than we are now.

The great thing is that we're different in a better way. Interesting things have brought us together in the 2 years we've been married. We didn't know that we'd end up in Logan, or that we'd get to travel the world together, or that some of our travels might end in complete disaster which would actually make our marriage stronger. We didn't know what was in store for us then, and we don't know what's ahead for us now.

The thing I do know is that I love a boy named Tyler. He made a good decision to pursue me three years ago. And I made a good decision to say yes. The live we've created together is better than I imagined it would have been and I'm so happy to share our 2 years together. Happy 2 year anniversary Tyler. Love you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Messy House, Happy House

I really can't decide what kind of blogger I am. Which I guess means I'm just a pretty bad blogger. I can't decide if I'm one to post random thoughts and short comments. Or if I'm one who blogs only when significant events happen. Of if I'm one to delve into my deep thoughts and pour them out. More often than not I think about blogging and then just toss the idea out because I can't decide what approach I'd like to take. Hmmm, more thoughts on that later....if I decide to write about it.


For now, I'll share that with Tyler being gone so much lately, I've noticed that our house has been generally a little cleaner. I'm not saying that he is the one who normally makes it messy. In fact, I'd say the opposite, it's me that makes it messy. He's really good about cleaning up his stuff. It's me that comes home and doesn't take the time to put away my shoes or hang up jacket. I'm the one who thinks "I'll get around to washing those dishes when I have nothing better to do".

But who am I kidding! Of course there's always something better to do than dishes! So usually don't end up "getting around to it" cuz I find so many more important things to do. I would much rather spend my time at home just being with Tyler. So more often than not my socks are still lying on the floor and the dishes are still in the sink when we crawl into bed. Lucky for me I scored an awesome husband who will take care of the dishes the next day. So hey, I'll spend time with him today and let him do the dishes tomorrow. Maybe a messy house is a happy house.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The past 8 days

Well the past week has been a little quite so I've tried to fill my time with the people I love and enough things to keep me busy.

So what have I been up to?
  • bookshelf painting
  • birthday celebrating
  • friend sleepover-ing
  • decorating
  • Photoshop-ing
  • IKEA shopping
  • repelling
  • softball playing (injuries included)
  • nephew loving
  • Bachelorette finale watching
  • junk food eating
  • Anniversary anticipating

I've also discovered a new-found love for the HGTV channel. Can't stop watching it!