Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know you need a new car when.....

Well, Tyler and I had yet another grand adventure yesterday. It began with a text from Tyler asking where the switch was to swap between the front tank and the back tank of the truck. I knew right away that the truck was dead. Sure enough it would not start. I wasn't too disappointed cuz I thought maybe this was our chance to get a new car, but at the same time it isn't in our plan until the summer.
Well, I left work to pick up Tyler and bring him to work. After he got off work we tried to start the car again.....and it "worked"! I suggested that he drive it around the block to warm it up and make sure it was okay. So we hoped in the truck and began on our quest.

Well, it only took about five seconds for the truck to mal-function again. All of a sudden the gas pedal was stuck completely to the floor. We were zooming of out control and I was certain we were nearing our death. Well, it's been a good life, I love you all, see you on the other side.... But lucky for me Tyler is able to handle situations like this much more rationally than I am, so he threw the car in neutral as it continued to rev at full throttle. He tried to pull the gas pedal back up or apply the brakes, but it was all to no avail.

Well it turns out the gas cable was frozen or something. I'm not sure if we really know what happened, but the truck began working like "normal" again. We'll drive it with we always have. I guess now we really have no doubt that we'll get a new car this summer. We were hoping to get a little bit of cash for it but I think I've concluded that my little truck is destined to become a demolition derby car.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Viewer Discretion Advised

So Tyler was faithfully doing the dishes the other night and I was on the computer in the other "room" when I heard Tyler yell from the kitchen, "AHh! I did it!" Our drinking glasses are squarish and too small for Tyler's hands to fit in them when he cleans them. He's always said that one day he would be washing the dishes and he would break a glass and cut his hand off. Well, didn't quite cut his hand off, he only just about cut his pinky off. Well, really it wasn't that bad, but as you can see below he sliced into it pretty good. We got him all cleaned up and it's actually healing pretty well now. Had we had insurance I think he would have gotten stitches. Right when this happened I told Tyler he was never allowed to do dishes again...then I realized that was a little drastic so I settled for never letting him wash those glasses again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Water, a simple pleasure.

We had a really "fun" experience on Monday. I woke up to get ready for the first day back at school. I went to take a shower and as I turned on the water came out. I immediately called our landlady because they pay for the water. She checked with the utility company and assured us that the water was paid and turned on. After several other calls to our landlady and talking to a few people I concluded that most likely our pipes had frozen. After school and work, I returned home to attempt to solve to the problem. Our landlady was not much help so took the endeavor into our own hands. Tyler spent nearly 45 minutes in the utility room aiming my blow dryer at our frozen pipes. After all that time it seemed that the hot air was doing nothing but making us more frustrated. We had just about given up when we thought to call our home teachers. One of them is an apartment manager at a different complex and we thought he may be able to help. While Tyler was on the phone with him I heard something in the bathroom. I ran in there and there was brown water flowing out of the faucet. I had never been happier to see flowing brown water! After about 20 seconds it cleared up and we were back to enjoying modern plumbing.
While this experience was frustrating it was also a testimony to us of a few things. First of all, we were glad that we were prepared with food storage. I don't know what we would have done if we did not have water saved up. It was a testimony to us that you really never know when you might need food storage, but you are infinitely grateful when you do have it! Also, we felt blessed because after doing all we could to get our pipes unfrozen it took calling our home teachers to fix the problem. Sometimes it just takes blind faith. We were really grateful for this experience, and now even more grateful for running water. Needless to say we now leave the faucet dripping every night.

Christmas in Bountiful/Centerville

Christmas to us this year meant going home and spending lots of time with our family. We tried to equally split our time between Tyler's family and mine. We feel lucky that our families are so close and we can spend holidays with both families. We played a lot of board games and went to a few white elephant parties including the famous Mug Exchange on Christmas Eve. Tyler and I thought the mug exchange was a success because we didn't make any little kids cry, unlike last year. We spent some time with my Uncle Dave and got to hear him beautifully play his saxophone. On Christmas morning Santa came to Tyler's parents house and then we went to my house to open presents. I think Tyler was surprised by how long that took. We went to Tyler's family party where we enjoyed great food and had fun hanging out with his cousins and such. Then to my grandma's house for more food and fun. My parents gave us a lot a lot of food storage and we got some things we need and even some that will just be fun like lots of movies and the first season of the Office! We really enjoyed having so many days off work and being able to relax and really enjoy being with family. It was a wonderful Christmas

Our Cheap Christmas Decorations

Next up on the adgenda was Christmas. Since this was our first Christmas being married we decided we needed to put up some decorations, but we don't wanna buy a lot of stuff yet since we don't have room to store anything. Tyler's mom gave us a little tree and some decorations. We set up pretty late on December 22nd but kept it up through the new year.
A cut the star out of a piece of paper!We also hung some lights that are suppose to be draped over bushes outside. Yeah, white trash, I know but it helped us feel more like Christmas. And our stockings are hanging there too. Mine is a reindeer and Tyler's mom cross-stitched his. He's really proud of it.
My mom gave us this little nativity set. We really liked it and put it on top of our tv.
One of the traditions we started this year was to read the Christmas story from the scriptures by candle light. It was humbling and helped us feel the Christmas story and focus on Christ.

My 21st Birthday

I know it's been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened! We've had Thanksgiving, finished another semester of school, celebrated my 21st birthday!, and Christmas, and New Years! and now we're back in school :( So I'll try my best to catch up here.
My parents and Steve came up for my birthday to take me to lunch. We went to our new favorite place, Fredrico's.
Nat and Luke met us there too. It was the best way to celebrate my birthday! I have the best family :)
Then we went home and I got to open my gifts from Tyler. He Gave me the second and third seasons of the Office, a pair of pants, and a shirt that he picked out all by him self and I actually liked it, Go Tyler! He even got me flowers. My cute little husband! He's the best.
He even tried to make a cake for me. But our lovely oven did not want to cooperate. In this case it really was the thought that counted!
So to make up for the lack of cake I had a leftover cupcake that I brought to work and Tyler bundled 20 candles together to make it 21. I don't know if it was the best idea, but it sure made me laugh a lot! So ingenious
We finished off my birthday by playing racquetball and going to see Mama Mia. All in all it was one of the best days.