Saturday, February 27, 2010

try and try again

So I had very good intentions to blog today. We had a great weekend and I wanted to share my dad's accomplishment. But that will have to wait. I tried to blog, I really did. I thought it would be nice to be finally put Photoshop on Tyler's new laptop so I could have Photoshop and internet all on one computer. Aparently that's too much to ask for. I started my quest at 3 o'clock. Deleting Photoshop from his old lap top to free up an activation, establishing an internet connection on his old laptop, finally downloading Photoshop onto his new laptop only to have it turn off right in the middle of the installation because the battery died. I tried to make it work, but finally by 8 o'clock I gave up. Maybe I'll blog on Monday.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

goodbye for now

Some people come into our lives and we are better just for having known them.

For any of you who knew Roland Trump, you know that he was that kind of man.
He and his sweet wife Suzie raised 9 wonderful children, 6 of which they adopted.
He served in the scouting program for many years where he influenced many boys for good.
When one of those scouts didn't show up for church,
he would visit them and invite them back.
He would take them to baseball games, just one on one.
He always had a few dollars to share with the homeless.
It was just in his nature to love everyone,
his family, his neighbors, the homeless, and the Lord.

Tyler had the honor of being one of his scouts. Roland took Tyler under his wing and kept him involved. My family also had the privledge of knowing him throughout the years because my mom helped clean their house. I got to go cleaning with her the summer Tyler and I started dating. Since Roland knew both Tyler and I, he took a special interest in our courtship. He warned me that Tyler was "an old returned mission who looking for a wife, so I better watch out because he would try to marry me". He was a big propenent of our getting married, and always quick so ask how we were doing since.

Roland found out about two years ago that we was diagnosed with ALS (lou gehric's disease). His body slowly turned on him and his muscles and organs shut down one by one. But that didn't stop his love and service. He kept visiting neighbors and serving in any way he could, until the day he died.

On Thursday, February 18th, 2010, Roland Trump passed away.

He will be remember by Tyler and I, and many more, as an amazing man who served everyone around him. There are many more accounts of his life, told by people who are much more elequent, found here. I hope I can always remember his example and try my best to live as good of life as he did. We'll miss you Roland.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (a few days late)

Tyler and I celebrated Valentine's Day early this year by
going to the Jazz game on Wednesday when they played the Lakers.
From the picture below you can see we has awesome seats.
Not! Despite that, and the fact that the Lakers killed us, we still had fun.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Books

I recently finished reading this book
and I LOVED it.

It was the first book that I literally could not put down.
I preferred reading it over miniature golfing on our cruise.
And it actually kept my mind enthralled during Tyler's hours of surgery a few days later.

However, I have not been able to get into this book.
I know all you fans will say I just need to give it a chance and I'll love it...

...but I think I've figured out that I just don't really like fiction books.
I feel so unproductive when I read them.
I can't get through a page without thinking about
the dishes I need to wash or the taxes I need to file,
or the other books I could be reading and learning something from.

I guess I was just blessed with a desire to read good books.

Personally, I'm glad.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this vs. that

Let's say you had a choice between

a) doing something you like that you're comfortable with,
which is rewarding and would be fine


b) doing something you really like that would be challenging,
and has the potential to be really rewarding

what would you do?
Please leave me feedback here cuz I could use some guidance