Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Got Our Keys!

We got the keys to our house on Saturday! I picked them up from our realtor around 11 thirty and was so tempted to go in and check out our house, but I waited for Tyler to get off work until going in. And I'm so glad I did. Buying your first house is a big deal. We are so happy to be in this stage of life and we love the house we bought.
Here's the first picture of us in our new house.
We were most excited to get the keys so that we could start painting and hopefully have it all done by the time we move in next week. We picked up some paint and called over our bestest friends in the whole wide world (they'd have to be to want to help us paint) and set out for a fun night.
By the way, don't be scared by the darker yellow I'm painting, we're going to tone it down a lot.

Natalie painted our names on the bedroom wall. So cute!
Which of course led to cute pictures and a paint fight.

What's painting without a paint fight. You can't call a house a home without a proper paint fight.
The paint is turning out really good. We have another coat to do in both rooms but it's looking pretty good so far. We're so excited to own our own home. When we were going through the whole process of making an offer, getting all the paperwork in for the loan and getting remodeling quotes together we kinda got caught up in the tedious and overwhelming details. But this weekend really gave us the chance to realize how important this step is to us. I mean, when you're 10 and someone asks you want you want to accomplish in your life, you say, "I wanna get married, and buy a house, and have kids, and live happily ever after". Well, we have now completed steps 1 and 2. Tyler and I are so happy with where we are in life right now and so happy to share our new home with all our friends. So come visit anytime!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Closing Early

I checked in with our realtor and lender on Monday to make sure everything was on track to close the following Monday (like the 19th). But they came back with the good news that we could close EARLY! So tomorrow, we will sign our little hearts out and get handed the keys to our first house! Oh boy, are we excited!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easters

We enjoyed Easter weekend very much.
We took a trip down to Bountiful and the Easter Bunny
still knew where to find us. He brought us this:

The day was filled with cute nephews and Easter egg hunts.
It's hard to get good pictures of these boys when they're always moving.

Easter egg hunts are not just for the little kids in our family.
No, we insist that we're included in the hunt too.
We may all be in our early/mid/late twenties,
but can you really ever get too old for an Easter Egg hunt?
I think not.

This was the catch of the day, I think Connor ended up getting this toughy.

Daxton was only slightly impressed with his dinosaur Easter eggs.