Friday, December 18, 2009

Update on Tyler

Well I have quite a lot of things to blog about...graduation, birthday, the cruise...but all those things have been temporarily overlooked because of Tyler. I think most of you who read my blog have already heard what happened to Tyler but it helps me to talk about it and vent. And I think the most helpful thing for me emotionally right now is to have everyone's support, which requires me updating you.

So Tyler was playing basketball on the 10th level of the cruise boat (on Tuesday, the 15th around 4:30 p.m.). The air was kind of misty and so the court was a little slippery. Tyler jumped maybe about a foot to rebound the ball and when he landed he rolled his ankle in and heard a loud pop. I was watching from just outside the enclosed court and knew right when I heard him scream that it was serious. I immediately ran to him and realized the most helpful thing I could do was run for help. I ran down to the next deck below whimpering "help!!!" the whole way and battling between trying to be brave and crying.

It was the most emotional thing to see my husband, who's suppose to be strong and protect me, be in such excruciating pain and being so completely unable to do anything to fix the situation. It's indescribable unless you've experienced something like that.

He had to climb out of the netted basketball court, almost tripping on the net, then walk across the deck, hobble down the stairs, before finally reaching a wheelchair. He was brought down to the medic station that they had on board. He was in so much pain at that point, which was eventually relieved by four shots of morphine. Doctor Bridgette reset his ankle, then casted it, then took X-rays. It wasn't until about an hour after it happened that we knew it was bad enough to send us home.

Although we were hoping that it might just be a sprain and that he'd have to rest for the rest of the cruise and cancel our horseback riding and snorkeling plans, we knew it was much worse than that. Our cruise fun ended immediately.

We began making plans to go home. Between Tyler's parents, the cruise, and my parents we worked most things out fairly quickly and left for home on Wednesday. Everyone on the cruise with us, especially Vickie and Paul, Dan, Joe, and everyone really helped me to feel like things would eventually be okay. Dan's spirit was especially helpful in calming me and blessing Tyler. His hug in that medic station is still the thing that helped me the most to this point.

Luckily much of the airport staff was very helpful in Mexico and Phoenix. It was long day as Tyler slept though much of it and I tried to fight back tears as random travelors reminded us how crappy our situation was. I couldn't have gotten through that day without all the help from the people who wheeled Tyler to and from different terminals. They doubled as my friends and family for the time.

We finally got home late on Wednesday night, and fed Tyler one last meal in case he could go into surgery the next day. On Thursday, my birthday, we made a visit to Dr. Hess. He was really spacey and even at one point wrote down the wrong ankle. I haven't been very impressed with him and he certainly has not been very patient in answering my questions which makes me more emotional.

Well, Thursday was a fairly good day. Whitney and Kollin were my angels that day when they came to celebrate my birthday with us. It was so refreshing to see them and have some normality to the crazy four days we've experienced. I can't thank you enough for being AMAZING friends to me!! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Now, Friday, we came to LDS Hospital at 1:30 p.m., did some paperwork, and then sat in Tyler's own little waiting room until 4 when he was admitted to surgery. My parents came around 5. We got a phone call around 7:15 saying he was done with surgery, and they had stabilized his pain and were going to bring him to his room in about an hour when we'd be able to see him. Dr. Hess came out and showed us three Xrays of the plates, wires, and 13 screws he put in. He broke the news to us that Tyler wouldn't be going home tonight, which means the hospital bill will be even bigger, as he said it, trying to ease the pain of it but really making it worse, "it's only another small fraction to keep him here overnight." Swollow. It would have helped me if I could have asked him questions or if he would have reassured me that Tyler will be all right, but all he wanted to do was go home, so he left me in an emotional mess.

I finally got to see Tyler. He was in a lot of pain for awhile, but was doing relatively well. It only took him about three hours to down a ton of graham crackers, a smoothy drink, pudding, grape juice, and a turkey sandwich. What would Tyler be without his appetite.

So, I'm here at the hospital right now, sitting next to Tyler as he lays drugged up and currently sleeping. It's been an emotional roller coaster, and still will be a rollercoaster for awhile it seems. I'm trying to be brave and strong for Tyler cuz it helps me to see him smile, but it's hard cuz all I want is to hug him and cry in his arms.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the last night of this

Today I finished my last paper and studied for my last final ever....
It's weird knowing that this is the last
night I will pack up my backpack in a long time.
Tomorrow I'll turn in my two papers and take my last final,
and at around 4 p.m. I will have earned my bachelor's degree.

I have very mixed feelings about this.
How do you part with school, the thing that has been in my life for 17 and a half years?
I know, most people are glad to finally be done with school whenever that happens,
but I really like school
and I like seeing all the people I know on campus
and I like the accomplishment of turning assignments in and getting things done.
A few of my teachers have told me they think I'll go on to get a masters,
and a doctorate.
I think they're crazy.
I guess time will tell.

I went to my friend Natalee's house tonight to study and came home after 3 hours to this....
Cute Tyler fluffed his hair.
He gelled it too,
but this is post-rubbing-my-fingers-through-his-cute-hair.
I love you, Tyler!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we're out to WIN

May I just say that today, along with every other day but especially today,
I am very proud to be an Aggie.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What doesn't kill you, just makes you really want to graduate

I really am trying harder to keep up on this blogging thing.
(I won't mention my efforts anymore)
I've noticed that all my friends' blogs are very happy and reflect their happy attitude.
From here on out I will try to be positive....

...but first, I have to mention that I just got home from doing a homework assignment for my investment class. We started a little before 3 p.m. and were working non-stop until 10 p.m. I was working on it with two other people and we even put in about three hours last week, so this assignment took a cumulative of at least 30 man hours. I'm glad it's done.

Now, for more positive things....
I get to watch last week's episode of Office with Tyler now.
And we are very excited to see the Cougars get crushed tomorrow!!
At Utah State, it's all about basketball

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas

I don't blog enough.
Maybe if I write more often more people will read my blog.
High hopes.

Well, Tyler and I had a great LONG weekend. We enjoyed food, shopping, games, movies, and family while we were at home in Bountiful and Centerville. Although Tyler dreaded the shopping I think he appreciated that Santa brought him a present early. He opened this tonight....

It was this...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

just some thoughts

What will I do with all my time when I graduate in four weeks?
Maybe I already kind know,
since I haven't been spending nearly enough time doing my homework.
I'd like to think that I'll keep busy with crafts and learning other new things and such,
but I will probably just bask in laziness for at least a little while.
Maybe I'll spend all my time with this little man...
My only concern about having the cutest nephew in the world, is that my own kids may not be as cute.
I think it's a valid fear.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome, Daxton Luke!

We got the most exciting phone call this morning from Luke. Natalie went into the hospital early this morning. We went to church and tried to pass the time quickly, but I was going crazy the whole time!!! My parents came up around 9:30 a.m. and waited at the hospital for most of they day. We joined them around 3:30 p.m. and played SkipBo and 7-up in the waiting room. We hadn't heard anything so we finally asked a nurse at about 5 p.m. She couldn't tell us anything but Luke came out and told us that he was a proud new father!!!! Daxton Luke Nesbit was born around 4:45 p.m., weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long. He has cute black curly hair. Luke says he's a crier and good eater. He's so precious. Because of the stupid swine flu they only let one visitor in, which got to be my mom. She got to hold him and the rest of us got to see him through a window for a few minutes. I already love him so much! We're so glad he's healthy and doing so well and Natalie is also doing great. I still haven't seen her, which is also killing me. I think they're both pretty tired, but so thrilled. I love how happy Luke is!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I met the Mr. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. today.
He is such a nice, giving and important man!
I smiled at him and he waved back at me.

I have many other important things to blog about (which I promise I will do),
but I just thought I would mention that one for today.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We're going to print shirts that read "I hiked the Wind Caves at midnight...and survived"

We embarked on a crazy adventure last night. Equipped with flashlights, jackets, and my fear of the dark we commenced our hike to the wind caves at 11:30 p.m. We were only paralyzed a few times by animal encounters, one time being when Tyler and I found a bat in the cave. The stars were amazing and even though we couldn't really see our surroundings, it felt beautiful to be there in the dark. We shared lot of stories and laughs and sore feet. None of us brought water so everyone, expect for smart Tyler, drank from a flowing stream which we later found a real bone in. I'm happy to report we are all still alive...I think. There's something so exhilarating about laying under the stars, being there with my husband and other great company, and staying out until 3:30 in the morning.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I see the vision.....

Recently I've had a really strong desire to decorate our living room. I've been thinking almost non-stop about it for about a few weeks and have mulled over different ideas. Some color schemes seem cool but just don't fit our personalizes or our "style". But after watching Oprah today and then reading some of Designer Nate's ideas online, I struck a brilliant chord! He said to incorporate what you love into your house. Brilliant! I looked online a little more and put all my ideas together. I think if we can make it all happen our living room is going to be rockin'! Keep in mind that we're still not millionaires so we're trying to keep this as low budget as possible. Lucky for us, Tyler has mad upholstering skills so we have a lot more options. Here is the beginning of our vision. I hope we can get these chairs and make it all happen. I'll keep you (2 readers) posted about the final project. For now, be excited!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before the Non-Party

Most of you know that my parents host a "non-party" every year on July 24th. Well this year we went down early to enjoy the whole day. I had so much fun just relaxing and hanging out with the family. I think you really appreciate family more and more the older you get.

The morning started off with a great breakfast, washing the cars, then a long game of Crockett. We never did make it to the park to get scones but it was such a great day. And I had to post some picture from the day. The last one is my favorite.

I think Travis was having a blast! Can you tell?

Oh yes, Dad loves Hawaiian Fridays at work. (I think he started them)

Oh I just noticed that I think Tyler's trying to poke my head with his Crockett stick. Do you like how all the couples are kinda matching? That usually ends up happening.

We tried to do a jumping one. I just love my family!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Idaho Reunion

So two weeks ago now we went to Rupert, Idaho for the Adams Family Reunion. What a blast! It was so fun to relax and be with family and just enjoy the sun and water. Here's the ranch we stayed at.

It's right on this beautiful river where we got to wakeboard and kayak and canoe and swim.
This water slide was a blast!

There were different crafts during the week. I painted this watercolor picture.

And Tyler made these animals. Who knew he was a Playdoh master!

On the 4th we did a few fireworks. I love this picture of my dad.
It explains his excitement for lighting firework perfectly!

Mc Kynlee rode down the water slide with me a few times and was my best friend for the rest of the weekend. Such a doll!

And it was so fun to have Tyler there. At the last reunion we had just started dating and he was on a family trip in Florida.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks Nat and Nancy

When we got married my aunt Nancy gave Natalie some money so she could buy us groceries to put in our house. It was nice to come home to a house with milk and bread and eggs and some food to eat.

One of things Natalie picked out was this Razzleberry pie. It's been in our freezer since last August. It's lived in both apartments with us. It's kinda just always been that constant item in the freezer that you overlook. I was worried it would be too old to eat, but when pulling it out of the freezer tonight, we found it didn't expire until May 2010. Kinda makes me wonder how many preservatives are in it, hmm.... But we finally cooked it and ate it and loved it.

So, thanks to Natalie and Nancy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dear!

On June 30th, Tyler turned the big 2-4!!

We celebrated in Centerville with his family on the 27th. I gave him his first present there. I made this mission collage for him. I watercolor-painted a map of the Dominican Republic and pin pointed the places he served. I put his missionary name tag in there and some pictures. The picture of the shoes were his mission shoes that he still has. I tried to find a Dominican flag, but couldn't, so I made a makeshift one and we'll put a real one in there someday.
Tyler loved it, I think. At least he better cuz I spent a lot of time and money on it. It was really fun to make actually and I think it's a good way to display his mission.

On Tyler's real birthday he worked his first job, which gave me a chance to decorate the house and make a cake.
Then he opened his presents. I got him the First Season of "The Big Bang Theory", the video game "God of War II" and a pair of pants. Oh, and a new Sudoku book.
Then I made Tyler's favorite dinner. Hamburger Pie. He was in heaven! Next we went to see the new Transformers movie. Tyler had been dying to see it. From the day it came out on the 24th, to when we saw it on the 30th I think he asked me about 10 times if we could go see it. He loved it. I liked it too, although I think I liked the first one more.

After the movie we had Jalene and Greg over to help us celebrate with cake and ice-cream.
It was a great day, and Tyler said he felt very spoiled.

This was Tyler's 3rd birthday I have celebrated with him. The first one was only a few days after our first date and he was out of town so I got away with just leaving him a phone message. Last year Tyler started working a new job on this birthday so we just went out to dinner and a movie. It was great this year to be able to spend the whole day together doing whatever we wanted. We felt like little kids enjoying summer!

I'm so glad to have Tyler in my life. He's the best, most patient, caring man ever. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know and he understands me perfectly. He's so helpful, infact he's making dinner all by himself this very instant, so I better go help too. But I love you, babe! Happy 24th Birthday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We get really creative (bored) on Sundays

Tyler and I were playing around with his camera and re-discovered how cool the lapse time videos are. We did a few videos but this one in my opinion is the best.

I asked Tyler to tell me a story, and here's what I got:

"The Sea Monsters Who Lost Their Shoes"
There's no sounds, but you can make up your own.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Missionary

Let me clarify. Tyler actually was not my missionary. I met him three months after he got home. But he was such a great missionary that I thought I would share some of these pictures. I think they're priceless.

Look how cute my Tyler is. He was such a good, happy missionary. He served in the Dominican Republic. He lights up when he talked about his mission. You can ask him about it and he'll tell you he loved it. I hope we get to go back someday to visit and meet some of the people he taught and baptized.

He looks so young in this picture. Cute little 19-year old Tyler.
(Don't tell him that I said he was cute, he'd be offended)

I think the glasses that Tyler's wearing belong to that little lady.
She really makes Tyler, and his companion, look like giants!

I think Tyler baptized these people.

This picture was taken at the airport when his family greeted him home. It's not the best quality picture, but I love how happy Tyler looks. I'm sure he was ecstatic to see his family, whom he LOVES!

That's my cute missionary Tyler. I love hearing about all his mission stories, and really seeing how happy he gets when he talks about his mission. It's an experience that I know he would not have traded for the world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So this weekend was really great. Tyler and I got to share in the festivities of Kristin and Kenny's wonderful wedding day. It was the most beautiful day. And I must say that this was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. What made is so beautiful? The bride and groom. I have never seen a couple enjoy their wedding day more than Kristin and Kenny. They focused on the most important parts of their day, like the actual wedding ceremony, and the people who were there to celebrate all day with them, and each other. Kristin is such a beautiful person and lives such a beautiful life that I would not have expected anything different. It was so great to watch them become husband and wife and see them so happy. Kenny is so sweet to Kristin and I know they deserve each other. What great couple and an absolutely beautiful day!

Sorry, bean, I stole this picture from you too. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Isn't it strange to think that your husband, the one you love so much now and know so well, used to be a stranger? He used to go through everyday, doing everyday things without you. He used to wake up every morning and eat his cereal and imagine how his day would play out. And you weren't in it. He used to go to school and work and come home. All without you. He was always looking and always wanting to find you. But he didn't know it was you. Then one day, he met you, a stranger. He knew nothing about you and you knew nothing about him. You became friends, then companions, then the only people you can image each other with. Now you can't image life without him. Now, isn't is strange to think that he used to be a stranger.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

our HOME

Well, we've been on our new place for only about 3 weeks now. It feels like longer to me. But Tyler and I LOVE it here! It's a billion times better than our old place.

We have yard so we have picnics and play frisbee all the time. We have a garage to keep our new Jeep away from bird poop and stuff, and a driveway and space to park like 5 cars and do projects like sanding our table. And we actually have a real table now!! We don't even have to use TV trays anymore!

We sure feel spoiled sometime, but we are really grateful for this home. And since there is more room we feel like we can really have friends now. We have already had more people over than we ever did in the last 10 months we lived on our old place. It's great!!! Ahh, and yeah, it really feels like home, not just an apartment.

I love decorating this place too. On memorial day Tyler and I worked on the tables all day. I was able to finish the coffee table and Tyler stained the kitchen table. Here are some before and after pictures of both tables:

Tyler was pretty sad to paint over the beautiful wood. But, I think it matched with the couch much better now:

We also painted some square legs and put them on the couch. They're kind of hard to see cuz they blend it. But that's much better than the ugly wood pieces that were on there before.

Here is the beautiful table that Tyler gets full credit for. He meticulously sanded it, which took about three days, stained it, and put 3 shiny coats on it. I think it turned out great. And it looks great in our little breakfast nook!

That's after sanding it and the second picture there is after staining it, before the shiny coats.

Tyler had me get under the table and stain the feet. While I was under there I added our initials :)

We brought the table into the house in two pieces then Tyler put it together. The top splits and there are two more leafs we can add in.

And there's the finished product. We still need to re-finish the chairs, but we thought we may as well get the table done and we can do the chairs one at a time.

Oh, we also hung this shelf and some pictures. This used to be hanging in my old bedroom at home. We kind of cheated and hung the pictures the exact same way as they were hung before, haha, but trying to arrange pictures is hard work! Also in this picture is the desk that the Torries left here. We love it! And the desk chair is one that Tyler refinished and reupholstered a few years ago. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We found a cure!!

I'd just like to bring to everyone's attention that tonight Tyler, Jalene and I cured the bird flu and terrorism. Unfortunately, we were not able to cure the swine flu or mad cow disease, so be on the watch for those.

In translation, we played the board game "Pandemic" in which you try to cure the world of four diseases. It's a real fun game and if anyone else wants to try their hand at curing all the diseases, please come over and we'll teach you how to play! It's wonderful.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Preparing for Summer

So....I just went shopping. I think I really needed to. I haven't really gone clothes shopping since Tyler and I got married (9 months ago) and I don't really have summery things I can wear. I keep buying things for Tyler because, let's face it, guys are way more fun to shop for because everything fits them. Well, I went out looking mainly for shorts...and, I found some! I got two pairs of shorts, two pairs of flip flops, a pair of white tennis shoes, a pink shirt (for $.97!!), three Down East undershirt things, and a cute white button up cardigan all for under $95! I'd say that was quite the find if you ask me. I never knew Old Navy had such great deals. It's a "hidden secret", as Jalene says. And Lindsay, yes, there truly is nothing better than a new pair of white tennis shoes :) Well, that's all. I just had to rant here for a bit cuz I don't think Tyler will get as excited over this kind of stuff so I have to share my excitement somewhere.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Owww Oww!

Check out my handsome hunk of a husband! There's nothing more attractive to me than my husband working hard at something I don't know how to do. He's been so excited to work on this table and he's been talking about it for months. Now that we're in our new place we actually have room to work on it and he's so ecstatic to do it. I personally think that's great since I wouldn't enjoy all the dust and slivers that come along with sanding it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our New Addition

Woohoo! We got a new car! and I love it! Our car search started early Saturday morning. Throughout the day we traveled to Orem, Taylorsville, Salt Lake, Draper, Bountiful, Centerville, back to Draper, then back to Salt Lake, back to Bountiful, then back to Salt Lake again.

We looked at a few Proteges (I still love Tyler's blue car he had when we first started dating), a Jetta, a Camry (which we were close to buying but I'm glad we passed it by), and our last find was this Jeep. We had pin-pointed it on KSL a few days ago and tried to call the owner a few times during the day. When we finally saw it and test drove it we were stoked and decided to get it!

We then had an adventure trying to get the cash for it since we weren't smart enough to withdraw the money before my bank closed. So several transactions later we had the cash but by then the owner of the Jeep had taken off to the Eagle's concert. So we went back later that night to Salt Lake to complete the transaction. They got back later than planned and we actually ended up buying the Jeep two minutes after midnight. What a long, draining day! But it was worth it.

We love our new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's very powerful and clean and so fun to drive. It's going to be great in the snow and I hope it will be a lot more reliable than our little truck has been for us. I'm usually not a real big fan of red, especially bright red, but I think it's fitting for this Jeep. We have yet to name this car, so if you have any good ideas pass them along!