Wednesday, November 11, 2009

just some thoughts

What will I do with all my time when I graduate in four weeks?
Maybe I already kind know,
since I haven't been spending nearly enough time doing my homework.
I'd like to think that I'll keep busy with crafts and learning other new things and such,
but I will probably just bask in laziness for at least a little while.
Maybe I'll spend all my time with this little man...
My only concern about having the cutest nephew in the world, is that my own kids may not be as cute.
I think it's a valid fear.


Lyne Family said...

Don't worry, your time will fill up! :) I used to think "what will I do when I'm home all day with kids" and time has definitely filled up! Now I wonder what I will do when all of my kids are in school, it seems I will have tons of free time but I bet that it won't quite happen that way.

Enjoy graduation and getting some time off!

Anonymous said...

You deserve to be lazy for a bit! After that, you can come over and I'll get you into beading, digital scrapbooking... tons of hobbies that I never seem to have enough time for!

Seriously though, I'm making some beaded Christmas ornaments that are way easier than the ones I did last year and I love them and would be happy to get you addicted to a new hobby :)

Don't worry about your babies not measuring up. My brother has insanely cute babies and I had the same worries. But, I think Kaylee turned out pretty cute :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely a valid fear! I've thought the same thing! ;) He is adorable! You should have one ;) haha