Friday, November 12, 2010

2 New Additions

Within a matter of a month we've sold both our cars and replaced them. We had plans to sell our Jeep, but we weren't planning on our Hyundai dying so soon. Just 4 days after we sold our Jeep (and before finding a replacement for the Jeep), the transmission went out on our Hyundai. Funny story involved there...

I came home for lunch one day and as I was backing out of the drive way and the car just wouldn't go in reverse anymore. I revved the engine but to no avail, I could not back out. Luckily it shifted into first gear so I pulled forward into the drive way and gave up on it. So there I am stuck with no way to get back to work. I couldn't call Tyler to pick me up, because he didn't have a car (we sold the Jeep) so what could he have done, given me a ride on his bike? I tried to take my bike, but as Murphy's law would have it the tires were flat. So what was I left with? My ever-trusty scooter, that's right, my Razor scooter. It was only a few blocks but I just felt like a 6 year old gliding through the parking lot on a scooter! We all had a good laugh about it though.

Needless to say, after that little experience we felt that it was time to get a new car pronto! So we borrowed my sister's car (thanks again) to go look at a few cars in Bountiful and Salt Lake and came home with this Mazda 6! I really love it and especially love that it's reliable and should be a good car for us for a long time.

Well, Tyler did a little trouble shooting and determined that the transmission was shot. Since we bought the Hyundai for $1,000 we couldn't justify spending twice that to get it running again, so we decided it was time to move on. Tyler was okay with riding his bike to school for a little while, until it starting getting cold and rainy. We've been wanting a truck for as long as we've been married. Okay, we had my 1985 Ford F-150, but really, we've been wanting a real truck, like one that runs. So we did some research and decided on a Chevy. Tyler absolutely love it and it should be another good car for us too. I'll get better pictures later, but here it is: It's blue, Aggie blue, which I love. Our "A" plate will look pretty good on here.

It definitely wasn't in our plans to buy two cars in a month, but I guess that's how life plays out... not the way you plan. But we hope we're set with some reliable cars for now and we love them both.

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Jalene said...

hahaha i laughed so hard about your story riding your scooter to work. although, that would stink... but it was still funny.

nice new truck!! that's awesome!