Sunday, January 16, 2011

New York

I know it's been several months since we got home from our Europe trip, but I'm just now going through pictures to print them and I thought I'd throw some up here to share our experiences:

We flew standby, which means two things 1) you can fly in style for really, really cheap 2) you never know what flights you'll end up on so when one looks semi-decent you take it! And that's what we did on our way to London. We were planning to take a flight early on a Friday but it was looking pretty packed so instead opted to take a flight the night before at 11 p.m. We got to New York early Friday morning and had about an 9-hour layover. And man oh man, did we ever take advantage of it!

Note that all we took with us to Europe was a single backpack each.
We couldn't find lockers in the New York airport (which makes sense
for security reasons) so we hauled our backpacks around with
us all day. Let's just say it was a really really good workout.

We got off the subway right in the middle of Time Square.
One word: magical!
I could sit there and watch people and cars go by
all day long and be perfectly happy. I loved it!!

We caught a glimpse of Good Morning America being recorded...

...saw lots of cool things and took lots of random pictures...

...saw the Trump Tower - which I recently read a book about
and have much more appreciation for now. Notice the
trees on the atrium of the building (on the right),
you don't see that very often in New York...

And of course we had to stop in Central Park.
We only scratched the surface considering how large the park is,
but boy did we soak it in. We took a nice nap on that grass straight
ahead. The park's another place I wouldn't mind spending a whole
afternoon taking in sights and sounds.

We saw some tree huggers shooting a commercial...

...ate some sub-par New York hot dogs...

And we loved every minute of it. It was an electric way to start off a fabulous trip.
We hope to make it back someday soon and soak it in a little more!


kristin said...

fun!! i can't believe you hauled around those gigantic backpacks! i can't believe yours didn't topple you over by the end of the day. :)

Whitney said...

You poor dears lugging those giant backpacks around! This looks so fun!