Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Vacation to Cali

The no money thing worked for a few days. It was pretty nice to not even think about money and just focus on other things. But I'll be honest, I kinda got bored of it and we decided to go to California (we did spend less than $200 in California - flights included, so I think that counts for something). It was fun though and interesting to try. I was happy when a co-worker shared this article with me. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only nerd who has tried this.

So yes, we went to California. Tyler's parents finally sold their house in Centerville - yeah for them, boo for us. They had to move all their things to California and Tyler took off work to help them. I was going to stay in Utah but decided last minute that hey, what the heck, I'll go too. We helped them pack up the moving van on Friday and headed out on the road that night. Once arriving in Cali we unloaded the whole van into their garage for now.

We took a few more days for fun too and really packed in quite a bit of fun. We went to a really pretty Japanese garden, ate at a lot of really good restaurants, went to the beach three different times, rode on Tyler's dad's motorcycle, went to church - where I got to see a lot of my family (Tyler's parents chose an apartment in my uncle's ward cuz they really liked the ward).

I was also really happy to drive by my childhood home and show Tyler where I lived. We got donuts from Martha's donuts, which has been a tradition every time we visit California. It's neat that Tyler's parents live only about 10 minutes away from where I grew up, it definitely makes the visits very fun.

My aunt coordinated a family party on Memorial day which was great to be able to see so much family. I really enjoyed talking with my grandma. She is getting more forgetful so I had to remind her who I was a few times but she still sure has a cute personality. We played a game called Toss Ups and she got so disappointed when she kept losing her points she had built up.
We also got to visit my grandpa's grave site. He died when I was 4 months old so I really never knew him but I know he was a neat man and I'm excited to meet him some day.
All in all we had such a great time and really enjoyed just relaxing. We were glad to spend so many days with Tyler's parents and were so grateful that they let us stay with them in their little apartment.

Oh, and I also ate possibly the best churro I've ever had. And those that know me know I love churros, so that's saying something!


Whitney said...

This looks so fun! Your shirt in that last picture is super cute.

The Gearys said...

I love California- and Churros! :) That looks like such a fun trip!

Rhonda said...

It was wonderful to have you visit. Please come again.