Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Week Off

Tyler and I had a pretty nice week. I had the entire week off work and we sure took advantage of it. We celebrated our anniversary on Monday by staying at Little America and going shopping at the Gateway. Once again, breakfast at Little America was EPIC!

We also stopped by my parent's Bon Voyage party that some good ward members threw for them. We played one last game of Yspahan and said our goodbyes. We're excited for them and have already talked to them quite a bit and they're doing great down there.
My parents wanted me to bring this little airplane to my nephew and show him that it was from "Mima and Boca" so I took a few pictures. This one was too awesome not to post - notice Tyler in the background too.

Later in the week we flew to California and spent the weekend with Tyler's family. His brother was there this week too so it was fun to hang out with everyone.

Excuse the blurriness, this was taken on Tyler's iPod since I forgot to pack our camera.
We went to Six Flag's Magic Mountain on Friday and spent the entire day on huge roller coasters. It was a ton of fun!

Saturday we went to Long Beach. They had a sand sculture contest that was kind of neat. It was just amatures, or everyday people so a lot of them weren't too cool, but there were some neat ones.
This one of Patrick was pretty awesome

This one is for you mom and dad!

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