Monday, September 5, 2011

Steve and Kristen Came

Steve and Kristen are visiting from Ohio for a few days and we were able to see them over the weekend.  We had a lot of fun just being with them, going to dinner, going on a little mini Parade of Homes put on by Natalie, playing lots of games, and the enjoying the piano. 
 Steve and I attempted a duet.  We've had a lot of fun with the piano since my parents let us borrow it while they're away.
 We played our new Dominion expansion pack (Intrigue) and Bohnanza. 
 It was really fun to see them and be together for a bit.  We can only hope it will happen more often.  Perhaps we need to head out their way next.
We love you guys!

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Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

how fun!!!! It's always great to be together! ANd I'm so super jealous about the piano! I want one SOO very badly!