Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Coy

It's been quite awhile since I've posted, and a lot has changed around here.  Tyler is still in school, finishing up his masters in Civil Engineering.  He should complete his masters project in December and then it's on to look for work.  I'm still working and enjoying that.

In December we were thrilled to find out that a little one would be joining our family.  Since then our world has revolved around getting ready for baby to come in July.

We found an old rocking chair at D.I. and with Tyler's upholstery skills we revived it!  He is very talented I must say.  We still have to tighten up the chair and paint it but the cushions were definitely the hardest part.  

When my mom was in town for Christmas we spent several hours at D.I. picking out books for babe.  I think we got about 150 books and since have gotten several more.  This baby's already got an awesome library.  We had fun cleaning and sorting through all the books.

Once we found out baby was a boy we went shopping as soon as we could and started his wardrobe.

I've also made a little onesie with an elephant on it and have a few more I want to make.  We've had fun picking out little man's carseat, pack 'n play, crib, bedding, and loading up on diapers.

We can't wait to meet little man in a few months but we're so glad he's still growing and doing so well.  He is a strong little guy who likes to kick at night and he likes when Mom eats and when Dad talks to him.  We feel like he already has a little personality and we love him so much!

 Here's baby so far at 23 weeks.  (Don't mind my stellar outfit)


Alyse said...

So cute and fun!! I have to ask... did you find out when you were pretty far along?? You said you found it in December, but if I do my math right, that was a bit of a surprise?! no? Anyway, SO excited for you two! What a cute little boy you will make, I'm sure!

Sarah Hatch said...

Cute cushions! You guys are going to make great parents!