Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I've been a little overwhelmed by blogging. It's such a big job and I don't know how to do it. Plus, after reading all my single friend's blogs who do exciting things, and my sister's blog who has exciting cats, I feel like my life is pretty boring and I don't have much to say. But I guess I should keep up on it anyway. Especially since i love reading blogs I figure I should contribute to the blog world. So here we go....my attempts at being a better blogger:

Well life is a little crazy right now with work and school and everything else there is to do. Tyler and I are very excited about Thanksgiving because it means THREE days off school, TWO days off work, and a lot of fun time with family...oh and I lot of really good food which means I don't have to cook for THREE days! I guess when we really count our blessings we have a lot to be excited and grateful for.

Some of the things I'm most grateful for are.
  • Tyler! He is the best husband and my best friend in the whole world. I absolutely love being married to him. He makes me so happy and knows how to calm me down when I stress out. He always helps so much around the house and is a wonderful man. I love him soo much!
  • My parents. They sure do I lot for me that I don't even realize so much. They are so giving and so kind no matter how selfish I can be. I love them too.
  • My siblings. Probably one of the best things about going to school in Logan is that my sister and brother-in-law live up here. I love hanging out with Nat and Luke and always having them to help me out, like when my car dies cuz I leave my lights on. I love watching Office with them and poker nights and dinners. Also, my brother! I don't see him as much because he's not in Logan, although I think he should move here! But it's always fun to see Steve and talk with him and just hang out.
  • Our little apartment. For those of you who have seen our apartment you can testify that it sure is little! But I love it. I love having a place that's just ours and we get to decorate it and control what comes into it and the spirit there. I love turning it into a home.
  • Food! I guess I didn't fully appreciate food before I got married. When I lived at home we always just had food, thanks to my mom's excellent cooking. Now I'm the one who gets to cook every night and stock the cupboards. It can be fun. But it can also be overwhelming when food disappears much quicker than it used to, but I guess a husband will do that to you! So I'm grateful that we always have enough food for our needs.
  • School and work. Although they can be burdensome, it's great that Tyler and I are both blessed to fill our time with meaningful things (although sometimes work doesn't seem to meaningful to Tyler). It's great to learn and earn.
  • Friends!!!! I have the best friends in the world. I love that we still keep in touch, even three years out of high school and still get together and keep in touch. I'm glad to have Jalene and Kristin up here in Logan. (I'm real excited to hang out with them tonight at the game!) My friends are amazing and always so supportive of me and Tyler.
  • every little thing...there's so many other things to be grateful for and I love them all...


Luke & Natalie said...

I feel special that I made it on your blog. Sorry I missed the Office last week. I'm excited to hang out this weekend. See you soon!

Jalene Bouwhuis said...

I have THE best friends in the world too! Love you!

Haley said...

YAY for an update!!! Your pretty freaking cool too...even though I don't see you that much I still love ya!

Travis and Quinci said...

Even though you don't keep up much. I like reading your blog. and I enjoyed your thankful list.

so how small is this apartment.

i'd also have to agree. it is nice having your own place and controlling what comes in and out!

I hope your married life is going great :D

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Hi Linds. I found your blog off of Natalie's. I'm so excited to keep up on what you guys are doing.

If you want to see our blog, go to http://hardeyfamily.blogspot.com/