Sunday, March 15, 2009

W.O.W. (Week of Wonderfulness)

As Tyler can attest, my happiness is most accurately measured by the amount of things I can check off my list. So I'd say this Spring Break was the best of those yet to come. We got our taxes done (we think), finally ordered our wedding pictures (only 7 months later), changed the brakes and replaced the door handle on the car, I went to a job interview in SLC and applied for another job, Tyler also applied for a job, we caught up on all the homework we needed to do (which is unheard and probably hasn't happened yet for Tyler this semester)...and also did about 5 other things on the list. Ahhhhhhhh...
We also got to measure our happiness by Tyler's standard, which is quality time. We had plenty of that this week with me not working and Tyler having Monday, and Tuesday off. We attended Aida at Viewmont, which was amazing. Those little Vikings look smaller every time I revisit VHS, but they are still just as talented. My very very talented friend Lindsay took the pictures for it!We also got to go to the Draper Temple open house. In efforts to fully prepare for that day I took an allergy pill so that the sunny day would not bother me. Turns out the pill was NOT non-drowsy and I took about 10 naps that day, literally! But between those naps we did enjoy seeing the new temple. It's absolutely gorgeous! My favorite room was probably the sealing room with the huge mirros and large windows that let in so much light. With Tyler's upholstery background, he pointed out all the little details in the chairs and couches. His dream is to one day have the time to create amazing furniture like that. We were really glad we got to go and bring Tyler's brother and my parents too.
Oh we also had a great weekend to open Spring Break. Tyler's parents came up to Logan and spoiled our butts off! They took us bowling. Tyler and his dad both got Turkeys!! Like father like son. They also took us out to a wonderful dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Then, thanks to Natalie and Neil and Jill, we all got to go to the last Aggie game, which as you know was amazing. Let's hope our Aggies keep doing great! We concluded that fun day at Tyler's parent's hotel where we played an exciting game of Oodles of Doodles.
(This picture isn't actually from this weekend, but it's a pretty cool one of my awesome in-laws!)
We also spent some good quality time doing one of our favorite things....playing games. We got together with Nat and Luke of Friday to play Banana Grams and Carcassonne. On Saturday we had our friends Whitney and Tyler over for games and phazookies. We had so much fun with them playing good games and even teaching them some new ones. I wish they weren't moving away soon. Whit, how about if you guys just stay here?
(This is just a google pictures too, but I actually have played all those games except Outwit. The Tamagotchi one is actually pretty fun)
The rest of this week has consisted of homework and movies and lots of relaxing. We have loved every second of this no-school thing. We concluded our wonderful week with a nice Sunday walk. This is about the only activity we managed to take pictures at. I whole-heartily tried to get pictures this week! I brought my camera....but kept forgetting the memory card.


Jalene Bouwhuis said...

Cute cute cute! That picture of you two is just so stinkin' cute. And I just remember how much I love you guys!

Whitney said...

I agree with Jalene! You guys are super cute1

Luke & Natalie said...

Sounds like tons of fun. It was great to hang out with you. Sorry about the stinky dinner.