Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So this weekend was really great. Tyler and I got to share in the festivities of Kristin and Kenny's wonderful wedding day. It was the most beautiful day. And I must say that this was probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. What made is so beautiful? The bride and groom. I have never seen a couple enjoy their wedding day more than Kristin and Kenny. They focused on the most important parts of their day, like the actual wedding ceremony, and the people who were there to celebrate all day with them, and each other. Kristin is such a beautiful person and lives such a beautiful life that I would not have expected anything different. It was so great to watch them become husband and wife and see them so happy. Kenny is so sweet to Kristin and I know they deserve each other. What great couple and an absolutely beautiful day!

Sorry, bean, I stole this picture from you too. :)

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kristin said...

Ohhhh thanks Lindsey! You are so sweet. I am so glad you all were there to make it so wonderful. I love you so much!
(and I really like your title!)