Saturday, June 6, 2009

our HOME

Well, we've been on our new place for only about 3 weeks now. It feels like longer to me. But Tyler and I LOVE it here! It's a billion times better than our old place.

We have yard so we have picnics and play frisbee all the time. We have a garage to keep our new Jeep away from bird poop and stuff, and a driveway and space to park like 5 cars and do projects like sanding our table. And we actually have a real table now!! We don't even have to use TV trays anymore!

We sure feel spoiled sometime, but we are really grateful for this home. And since there is more room we feel like we can really have friends now. We have already had more people over than we ever did in the last 10 months we lived on our old place. It's great!!! Ahh, and yeah, it really feels like home, not just an apartment.

I love decorating this place too. On memorial day Tyler and I worked on the tables all day. I was able to finish the coffee table and Tyler stained the kitchen table. Here are some before and after pictures of both tables:

Tyler was pretty sad to paint over the beautiful wood. But, I think it matched with the couch much better now:

We also painted some square legs and put them on the couch. They're kind of hard to see cuz they blend it. But that's much better than the ugly wood pieces that were on there before.

Here is the beautiful table that Tyler gets full credit for. He meticulously sanded it, which took about three days, stained it, and put 3 shiny coats on it. I think it turned out great. And it looks great in our little breakfast nook!

That's after sanding it and the second picture there is after staining it, before the shiny coats.

Tyler had me get under the table and stain the feet. While I was under there I added our initials :)

We brought the table into the house in two pieces then Tyler put it together. The top splits and there are two more leafs we can add in.

And there's the finished product. We still need to re-finish the chairs, but we thought we may as well get the table done and we can do the chairs one at a time.

Oh, we also hung this shelf and some pictures. This used to be hanging in my old bedroom at home. We kind of cheated and hung the pictures the exact same way as they were hung before, haha, but trying to arrange pictures is hard work! Also in this picture is the desk that the Torries left here. We love it! And the desk chair is one that Tyler refinished and reupholstered a few years ago. It's absolutely gorgeous!


Lauren and Steve said...

I love it!!!!!

Colt and Ashley said...

I love your new place linds!!1 IT is in Logan still right? Or did you guys move to Bountiful?

Jalene said...

You have a handy-dandy little husband!

kristen kathleen said...

The pictures are so great! I'm so happy that you guys love your new place. And I just have to say - Tyler's table is STUNNING! Seriously, I gasped when I saw it. I'll teach Tyler the Scottish Fling (I might make Steve learn it as well, you know, for moral support) if he'll teach me how to do that crazy wood stuff. =) Happy you two feel at home in your new place - a visit to Logan is definitely in order.

Mrs. Jones said...

It looks great! We miss hanging out with you guys, life is too hectic I think. Where is your new place?!

Whitney said...

I can't believe how beautiful that table is. That will be something you can really treasure for a long time. Good work people.

Aron said...

Great work on the table!