Thursday, July 16, 2009

Idaho Reunion

So two weeks ago now we went to Rupert, Idaho for the Adams Family Reunion. What a blast! It was so fun to relax and be with family and just enjoy the sun and water. Here's the ranch we stayed at.

It's right on this beautiful river where we got to wakeboard and kayak and canoe and swim.
This water slide was a blast!

There were different crafts during the week. I painted this watercolor picture.

And Tyler made these animals. Who knew he was a Playdoh master!

On the 4th we did a few fireworks. I love this picture of my dad.
It explains his excitement for lighting firework perfectly!

Mc Kynlee rode down the water slide with me a few times and was my best friend for the rest of the weekend. Such a doll!

And it was so fun to have Tyler there. At the last reunion we had just started dating and he was on a family trip in Florida.


Anonymous said...

how fun! and you have always been such an artist! i love the watercolor:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That water slide looks like a blast! How fun! Beautiful watercolor Linds! I love your skills. Tyler is a pro with playdough. Impressive! :) Thanks for commentating my blog, it makes me smile lots. See you Saturday! :D :D