Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner of Champions

Today Tyler told me that Taco Bell is the breakfast of champions. I always thought it was Wheaties. Guess I've been mis-informed to this point. Hmmm... So if Taco Bell is the Breakfast of Champions, is there a lunch of champions? Tyler knew this one's chocolate chip cookies. With milk. No, no milk. Just chocolate chip cookies. But it's actually the "brunch of America". And the lunch of champions is "definitely Texas Roadhouse". I threw in that the dinner of champions might be Chili's.

We were hungry (to the point of delirium as you can tell). And I didn't want to cook. So tonight we ate the dinner of champions.

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Leon said...

Oh my, I like this. Mostly because you said "We ate at Chili's" in 112 words. And partly because you used the word "Bell."