Sunday, August 15, 2010

Messy House, Happy House

I really can't decide what kind of blogger I am. Which I guess means I'm just a pretty bad blogger. I can't decide if I'm one to post random thoughts and short comments. Or if I'm one who blogs only when significant events happen. Of if I'm one to delve into my deep thoughts and pour them out. More often than not I think about blogging and then just toss the idea out because I can't decide what approach I'd like to take. Hmmm, more thoughts on that later....if I decide to write about it.


For now, I'll share that with Tyler being gone so much lately, I've noticed that our house has been generally a little cleaner. I'm not saying that he is the one who normally makes it messy. In fact, I'd say the opposite, it's me that makes it messy. He's really good about cleaning up his stuff. It's me that comes home and doesn't take the time to put away my shoes or hang up jacket. I'm the one who thinks "I'll get around to washing those dishes when I have nothing better to do".

But who am I kidding! Of course there's always something better to do than dishes! So usually don't end up "getting around to it" cuz I find so many more important things to do. I would much rather spend my time at home just being with Tyler. So more often than not my socks are still lying on the floor and the dishes are still in the sink when we crawl into bed. Lucky for me I scored an awesome husband who will take care of the dishes the next day. So hey, I'll spend time with him today and let him do the dishes tomorrow. Maybe a messy house is a happy house.

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