Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please Be Careful

I had a really scary experience yesterday which I want to post about to make other people aware of.

I went to pick up my Young Women for our activity and after arriving at one YW's house and finding that she was not home I began backing out of her driveway to go pick up the next YW. I had seen our Bishop's youngest boys ride by on their bike minutes before so I consciencely looked for them. Not seeing them I assumed they had rounded the corner and were a safe distance away. I backed out slowly and before I got past the sidewalk I hear a crunch or some noise, knowing I had hit something.

I threw the car into park, jumped out immediately and found the youngest boy laying on the driveway crying. He was not hurt but more shaken up, and understandably so. I'm not exactly sure if I hit him directly or hit his big wheel bike. I asked him if he was okay and watched him ride off so I knew he was fine. His brother who is only a few years older saw it play out and was a bit shaken up as well.

I had to pick up my other YW and I didn't see the boys' mom so I made sure that both boys were okay and left. As soon as I got to our activity I called the boys' mom but she didn't answer. I called her again later that night knowing how frantic she must be wanting to know exactly what happened. You just can't get the full story from a 5 year old.

I didn't get ahold of the mom until today when I saw her post on Facebook about the situation and called her again. This time she answered and I explained what happened. From her point of view and through the eyes of her boys I sounded like a terrible reckless lady who basically did a hit-and-run. I realize I should have forgotten about my YW and immediately told her what happened. I explained everything to her and she was grateful that I called. Ultimately were are both so relieved and feel so blessed that we were all watched over.

All in all there were definitely guardian angels watching over this little boy and also over me. I normally would back out faster - which I will never do now - so I know I was blessed to be more cautious. I am so grateful that this didn't amount to more and I'm glad this little boy is okay.

Please be more careful when you back out and just driving in general. I can not imagine how my life and the life of this little boy's family would change forever if things would have turned out differently.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! This is one reason that we back INTO our driveway, so that when we pull out we can see everything. My nephew was on his big wheel and got runover, but completely MIRACULOUSLY he survived with only a few scratches. He even explains how the tire went right over his stomach, but he didn't feel anything. WOW! God is real. Deep breaths, Linds. I'm sorry that this happened. I can imagine the little boys weren't the only ones shaken up.

Sarah Hatch said...

Oh man Lindsey, that's one of my biggest fears (as a driver and as a parent). I'm glad nothing bad happened.

Leah said...

Oh my goodness that is so scary. I'm so glad it turned out ok.

Jalene said...

oh no!!! this is so sad, but i'm so glad everything is okay. how scary!! every time i back out of the drive way i'm terrified of kids being behind me and not seeing them (like the peterson kids). i'm glad everyone was kept safe.

Jess and Brad said...

That is sad and scary! I'm glad nobody was hurt though! I am always worried about that, so I will be even more cautious now!