Thursday, March 24, 2011

5K number 2!

March 12th was my first 5K, and March 19th was my second. I really wanted to get another one under my belt soon to see how I could improve my time.

I worked all week to lengthen my stride and I could definitely feel the difference since I was sore in a whole new way.

To recap: here's my run from the first 5K. Too many walks and too slow

Here's my training throughout last week. Getting better....slowly.

And that leads us to my second 5K.

My friend Hayley convinced me to do the Braveheart run with her to support Baby Mason who has HLHS. It was super windy and cold! She ran a 10K, go Hayley! and I ran the 5K.
Here's a video of the 5K starting off. I didn't know that Tyler was there filming it until after I ran past him when I realized it was him cheering for me!

The race went really well for the most part. I got a few side aches and my iPod died right off the bat. But there was a gang of Air Force soldiers running behind me for half the race and I was bound and determined that they would not pass me. It kept me motivated and I made it in at 28 minutes and 43 seconds.

Still not the best, I know, but I'm getting there. And now I want to keep doing 5K's to see how much I can get my time down.


Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

I love those tracking charts. How did you do that?

Luke & Natalie said...

Awesome Linds. Sorry I couldn't do it with you. I'm glad you are improving and the longer strides are helping. Let me know when your next one is and we'll come cheer you on

Anonymous said...

Where are these stats coming from? A Pedometer?