Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Cheap Christmas Decorations

Next up on the adgenda was Christmas. Since this was our first Christmas being married we decided we needed to put up some decorations, but we don't wanna buy a lot of stuff yet since we don't have room to store anything. Tyler's mom gave us a little tree and some decorations. We set up pretty late on December 22nd but kept it up through the new year.
A cut the star out of a piece of paper!We also hung some lights that are suppose to be draped over bushes outside. Yeah, white trash, I know but it helped us feel more like Christmas. And our stockings are hanging there too. Mine is a reindeer and Tyler's mom cross-stitched his. He's really proud of it.
My mom gave us this little nativity set. We really liked it and put it on top of our tv.
One of the traditions we started this year was to read the Christmas story from the scriptures by candle light. It was humbling and helped us feel the Christmas story and focus on Christ.

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Jalene Bouwhuis said...

CUTE!!!!!!!! I like you two SOOOOO much.