Saturday, January 10, 2009

Water, a simple pleasure.

We had a really "fun" experience on Monday. I woke up to get ready for the first day back at school. I went to take a shower and as I turned on the water came out. I immediately called our landlady because they pay for the water. She checked with the utility company and assured us that the water was paid and turned on. After several other calls to our landlady and talking to a few people I concluded that most likely our pipes had frozen. After school and work, I returned home to attempt to solve to the problem. Our landlady was not much help so took the endeavor into our own hands. Tyler spent nearly 45 minutes in the utility room aiming my blow dryer at our frozen pipes. After all that time it seemed that the hot air was doing nothing but making us more frustrated. We had just about given up when we thought to call our home teachers. One of them is an apartment manager at a different complex and we thought he may be able to help. While Tyler was on the phone with him I heard something in the bathroom. I ran in there and there was brown water flowing out of the faucet. I had never been happier to see flowing brown water! After about 20 seconds it cleared up and we were back to enjoying modern plumbing.
While this experience was frustrating it was also a testimony to us of a few things. First of all, we were glad that we were prepared with food storage. I don't know what we would have done if we did not have water saved up. It was a testimony to us that you really never know when you might need food storage, but you are infinitely grateful when you do have it! Also, we felt blessed because after doing all we could to get our pipes unfrozen it took calling our home teachers to fix the problem. Sometimes it just takes blind faith. We were really grateful for this experience, and now even more grateful for running water. Needless to say we now leave the faucet dripping every night.

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The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

We had some of our pipes freeze too. Our master shower & the guest toilet both froze! It's kind of random don't you think? I'm glad your water is flowing again.