Thursday, February 11, 2010

On Books

I recently finished reading this book
and I LOVED it.

It was the first book that I literally could not put down.
I preferred reading it over miniature golfing on our cruise.
And it actually kept my mind enthralled during Tyler's hours of surgery a few days later.

However, I have not been able to get into this book.
I know all you fans will say I just need to give it a chance and I'll love it...

...but I think I've figured out that I just don't really like fiction books.
I feel so unproductive when I read them.
I can't get through a page without thinking about
the dishes I need to wash or the taxes I need to file,
or the other books I could be reading and learning something from.

I guess I was just blessed with a desire to read good books.

Personally, I'm glad.


kristin said...

i have the same feelings about books for the most part. i love nonfiction books, especially self improvement and spiritual stuff. :) we should compare favorites!

GreenTaiwan said...

What book are you reading?

GreenTaiwan said...

I didn't realize there was a link on the page. I just finished reading that book myself recently. I actually liked Outliers even better than Tipping Point. I also read What the Dog Saw and enjoyed it to. I guess you could say I just discovered Gladwell, but I'm nearly done with everything he has written. If you want to read What the Dog Saw I can just give you a list of the articles and you can go to his website and read the book piece by piece.

Dayna said...

What was the amazing book?