Saturday, June 26, 2010

Make it Happen

In an effort to change my most recent post to something that doesn't sound to demeaning to my workplace (since I actually really like my job), I'm going to post a quick snippet about our weekend. I hope to post pictures shortly...although, I think I've said that many times and have yet to come through with that.

Let me explain something first. Back in about February or so Tyler and I were featured in our ward newsletter in the "Getting to Know You" section. I'm sure most people (those that actually read it) thought we were just another nice couple, but one couple decided that we had enough in common that we should see if we'd click. Two days later we had game night and the rest is history.

Doesn't that sounds like the beginning of a love story! Haha. Well it's the beginning of my love-for-life story.

On that fateful game night, the couple briefly mentioned that they wanted to go to Europe this summer. We of course had the same aspiration so they jokingly said "oh, you should come with us". Three months later we were on a plane to London.

Within the 5 months we've known the Sampsons we have done a lot of things that we would never have done on our own. Sampled numerous foreign cuisine places starting with the White Owl, then Indian Oven, Factory pizza, Happy Sushi, Beehive Grill $.15 wings, and a billion places in Europe. Boy, have they cultured me! And I'm proud to say I liked all of them (except the sushi). We've gone to Europe (again, hope to blog more about that soon) which has opened my eyes to an entirely new beautiful world. And we DO stuff. Ya know how you usually say "Oh yeah, we should hang out sometime." Well, with these guys, we take action and we DO stuff.

Last week we had a last minute bon-fire. This week included fondue night and a camping trip to Bear Lake. We've had numerous movies nights - many of which were a complete flop but we're still friends nevertheless - and all this has changed my attitude towards life.

Live it now. If you want to go fishing tomorrow morning, make it happen. Pack a picnic and make an event out of it. Who says that just cuz you're married you have to stay home every night and go to bed at 10? Live today cuz it makes today awesome and challenges you to make tomorrow even better.

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