Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

So I'm working on our wedding album and I have to submit it tomorrow.
I need a final opinion because I can't decide.
I had the idea to add some swirly line things to kind of spruce up the pages a bit.
I threw in a rough idea of what I'm thinking. It's pretty rough so ignore the rough edges and stuff. This just gives a general idea of what it would look like.
What do you think?
Should I keep the pages simple with no swirlies, or go for a little more bling with the swirlies?

Update: I decided to go with the simple, clean, no-swirly pages. I was leaning that way but I appreciate everyone's input! Our album is on it's way!



kristen kathleen said...

For any other album I would say keep the swirls (fun and colorful), however, for your wedding album I would say no swirls - clean and simple pages look super classy and that look will never go out of style.

Sarah Hatch said...

If you were to do the swirls maybe try fading them more into the background and see if you like that?

kristin said...

i always like clean and simple pages, so i'd go with no swirls. :)

Kara Nesbort said...

A little decoration around your pics are fine but I think the ones on there are so bold and big they take away from your pics. Same with the font you've used. The color and the dark drop shadows distract from your beautiful faces!

one of these days were gonna set this cirus down. said...

simple! focus is more on the pictures!

Chase and Leah said...

I agree with the other ladies, my opinion is no swirls :)

Jalene said...

clean and simple! you want your focus to be on the beautiful photos and not he swirlies. :)

Alyse said...

I'd keep it simple. It's beautiful that way!