Sunday, March 20, 2011

5K numero uno

I did my first 5K last week with Natalie. I talked her into running the Shamrock Shuffle with me up in Smithfield. It was fun to have her there with me and a fun thing to share. I thought the run would be a piece of cake since I've been training for it for weeks, but it was tough! Really, it was my sister that kicked butt and I was glad to have her there pushing me along the whole time. I guess that's what sisters are for right, to push you along when you want to give up.
Here's the group. 10 points if you can spot me and Natalie
We're right in the middle here, hopefully easier to find
The course started out uphill. Not the easiest start, I tell you what!
Here's our cute cheerleaders. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming!
Natalie did awesome and finished in under 31 minutes. She probably would have been even faster had it not been for me slowing her down. Really.
I was hoping to get under 30 minutes, so I was a little disappointed to come in at 31 minutes and 07 seconds. But at least I did it and I got one race under my belt.

All in all it was a tough run and I realized that I'm not pushing myself hard enough. My dad helped me see that I need to utilize my long legs better by lengthening my stride. I have a long way to go to my marathon, but this was a great start and I really learned a lot.


jalene said...

you're so cool!!!! way to go!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I used to be a runner... you're inspiring me to want to start again.

B+M said...

Way to go! That must have been fun to run with Natalie! We'll have to do a pre-marathon race together!

Whitney said...

Yay Lindsey!