Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like Today.

Tonight Tyler and I pretended like it was the weekend.

We went to dinner, at Hamilton's. Very tasty. Even tastier since it was free.

Then we went to movie. Sherlock Holmes is fabulous! Witty, funny, intriguing, and delightful.

Throughout the course of the night we drove around town in awe of the beautiful snow frosted trees. We drove past our soon-to-be-house and saw how cute it looks with snow atop the roof and the little garden lights illuminating the frosty ground.

Doesn't snow do a magical thing. It makes the world all quiet and peaceful and you feel like you're living in a world sprinkled with fairy dust. It reminds you to slow down and stick your tongue out to catch some snowflakes and just take it all in.

Those are my thoughts on a wonderful Wednesday.


katrina said...

yesss! i love what you said about snow.

so many haters out there, way to look for the good.


Whitney said...

Yay! I can't wait to see your cute house!

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys, sounds like a great night! When are you moving into your new house?